Reform, Conflict, and the Shaping of Corporate Identities

Collected Studies on Benedictine Monasticism, 1050 - 1150

By Steven Vanderputten

This book contains ten previously published essays dealing with the development of Benedictine monasticism between c. 1050-1150. Relying on primary sources that originated in communities situated in the Southern Low Countries - one of the densest regions of Benedictine occupation and a crossroads of cultural and political influences - the essays are arranged in three thematic sections. The first looks at the societal background, methodologies, and intended outcomes of 'Cluniac' reform around 1100. The second section investigates reactions to reform, both within the monastic sphere and by outsiders. In the third section, the focus is on groups of monks, and how they, their supporters, and their enemies all developed strategies of self-representation and self-positioning in the face of growing competition over landed wealth, patronage, and positions of social privilege. (Series: Vita Regularis - Regulations and Interpretations of Religious Life in the Middle Ages. Treatises. / Ordnungen und Deutungen religiosen Lebens im Mittelalter. Abhandlungen - Vol. 54)

320 pages

Publication Date: 10/10/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643904294