Colonial Advertising & Commodity Racism

Edited by: Wulf D. Hund, Michael Pickering, Anandi Ramamurthy

Colonial Advertising & Commodity Racism is the latest volume in LIT Verlag's series Racism Analysis - Series B: Yearbooks. This series explores racial discrimination in all its varying historical, ideological, and cultural patterns. It examines the invention of race and the dimensions of modern racism, and it inquires into racism avant la lettre. Racism Analysis brings together scholars from various disciplines and schools of thought, with the key aim of contributing to the conceptualization of racism and to identify the practices of dehumanization that are intrinsic to it. The contents of Colonial Advertising & Commodity Racism include: Advertising White Supremacy: Capitalism, Colonialism, and Commodity Racism * Come and Join the Freedom-Lovers: Race, Appropriation, and Resistance in Advertising * Buffalo Bill's Wild West: The Racialization of the Cosmopolitan Imagination * Fun Without Vulgarity? Commodity Racism and the Promotion of Blackface Fantasies * From Oecumene to Trademark: The Symbolism of the Moor in the Occident * Bittersweet Temptations: Race and the Advertising of Cocoa * The German Alternative: Nationalism and Racism in Afri-Cola. (Series: Racism Analysis - Series B: Yearbooks - Vol. 4)

224 pages

Publication Date: 9/25/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643904164