From Ethical Person to Dialogical Society

Challenges of Global Society

By Janez Juhant

A person as an ethical being establishes herself/himself through dialogue with others. Dialogue is also an anthropological basis of a woman/man and of her/his growth as a person. The first years of life are particularly decisive. In these years, a young person assimilates the codes necessary to perceive the self, others, and, through them, the whole world. Dialogue is a basic task by which one's personal life is organized and how one acts in a human way. The emotional dimension is more important than the grammatical-symbolic one. Yet, a one-sided socio-cultural development hinders such personal dialogue. This is the very case in totalitarian systems, as well as in the consumer-society. Because of such obstacles, the global society needs a global dialogue to secure the life for future generations. This book examines the challenges of a dialogical development in a global society. (Series: Philosophy of Religion Forum / Forum Religionsphilosophie - Vol. 32)

168 pages

Publication Date: 12/31/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643904157