Apprenticeship in a Globalised World

Premises, Promises and Pitfalls

Edited by: Salim Akoojee, Philipp Gonon, Ursel Hauschildt, Christine Hofmann

In April 2013, the International Network on Innovative Apprenticeship (INAP) hosted its fifth international conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, in co-operation with the International Labor Organization (ILO), bringing together researchers, policy makers, and practitioners from 34 nations. The title of the conference - "Apprenticeship in a Globalized World: Premises, Promises and Pitfalls" - points out the need for apprenticeship to deliver on its promise of workplace skills and for it to develop and change as world economies develop. An international exchange of ideas among researchers from all over the world is necessary to identify cases of good practice and facilitate the transfer of knowledge and innovation, also within the frame of informal apprenticeships. This book, a summary of the papers presented and discussed at the Johannesburg conference, is split up equally into five key topics: Introducing Apprenticeship: Backgrounds, Changes, and Difficulties * Enabling Learning Opportunities in Workplaces and Informal Contexts * Competence Assessment and Development * Managing Transitions from VET into the World of Work * Curriculum Design, Apprenticeships, and National Qualification Frameworks. (Series: Bildung und Arbeitswelt - Vol. 27)

260 pages

Publication Date: 4/24/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643903525