Berimba's Resistance

The Life and Times of a Great Hamar Spokesman. As told by his son Aike Berinas

By Ivo Strecker

When Balambaras Aike Berinas, also called Baldambe, told me the story of his father, I felt very privileged to be the one to record and translate his exciting narrative, realizing it was a 'historic' moment: spoken words were being transformed into written ones, and a text with its own distinctive features and literary style was emerging. *** The drama of Berimba's Resistance was played out in the hot and rugged terrain of southern Ethiopia where, in the aftermath of the Ethiopian conquest, Berimba (ca. 1875-1952) was chosen by the Hamar tribal people to act as their spokesman. In this book, Aike Berinas (Baldambe) relates in minute detail how Berimba dealt and negotiated with the intruders, and how he resisted their often high-handed rule until eventually he was murdered. (Series: The Hamar of Southern Ethiopia - Vol. 4)

260 pages

Publication Date: 4/10/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643903433