Seeking Sense in the City

European Perspectives on Religious Education (Second Edition)

By Bert Roebben

Young people have a perfect right to good education. They deserve committed educators, safe schools, powerful learning environments, and, most of all, a clear sense of direction and insight into the values, norms, and beliefs of the global community. In Europe, there is a long tradition of public religious education and youth work in close cooperation with churches and faith communities. In this book, the expertise of German-, Dutch-, English-, and French-speaking scholars is contextualized within the metaphor of the city, the place of encounter with other people in complexity and diversity, and how this is integrated with religious education. (Series: Dortmunder Beitrage zu Theologie und Religionspadagogik - Vol. 7)

308 pages

Publication Date: 4/24/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9783643903426