The Word in the Word

Literary Text Reception and Linguistic Relativity

By Aprilia Zank

This book deals with a wide range of issues - linguistic, psycholinguistic, literary, translational, anthropological, and more - in largely non-technical language, and it is particularly suitable for university courses, addressing students as well as teachers. A further important target group is that of translators and theoreticians of translation. At the same time, the book contributes to current scholarly debates on the theory of linguistic relativity. (Series: Ubersetzungswissenschaft / Translation Studies - Vol. 3) *** "This book represents a novel and effective development of cross-disciplinary perspectives, and a fascinating way to get as some of the assumptions that underlie our understanding use of language. It is cogent, interesting, well-written and suggestive." - Prof. Adam J. Sorkin, Pennsylvania State University

342 pages

Publication Date: 4/4/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643903389