Essays in Bioethics 1924-1948

By Fritz Jahr

Edited by: Irene M Miller, Hans-Martin Sass

In 1785, German philosopher Immanuel Kant introduced the 'categorical imperative' for human persons, based on the sanctity of the moral law. Over a century later, Fritz Jahr, a Protestant pastor and educator, expanded on Kant's imperative, offering an integrated view of living natural and social environments. Jahr coined the term 'Bio-Ethik' (Bioethics) and defined the 'bioethical imperative' (also based on the sanctity of life) as: "Respect every Living Being as an end in itself and treat it, if possible, as such!" In this book, 22 essays document the early European roots of modern bioethics and provide guidance for developing global cultures in integrated bioethics. (Series: Practical Ethics - Documentation / Ethik in der Praxis - Materialien - Vol. 15)

136 pages

Publication Date: 6/20/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9783643903372