The Understanding of Family in Ghana as a Challenge for a Contextual Ecclesiology

By Moses Asaah Awinongya

The life and nature of the Church are better understood in terms of a self-identity that relies on the language and cultural framework of the stakeholders. Since theological reflections do not take place in a vacuum, the socio-cultural context gains importance. The question is: How much culture can the Church, as a whole, accommodate without losing its universal character? With a focus on the West African country of Ghana, this book analyzes the potential trade-offs and conflicts between the Church and culture in a pluri-religious and multi-cultural society. Further, it shows the dangers of exclusion within the Church and offers possible solutions. (Series: Studien zur systematischen Theologie und Ethik - Vol. 64)

222 pages

Publication Date: 1/8/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643903143