Protestant Church Polity in Changing Contexts I

Ecclesiological and Historical Contributions. Proceedings of the International Conference, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 7-10 November, 2011

Edited by: Alllan J. Janssen, Leo J. Koffeman

Church polity, as a theological discipline, has become increasingly aware of the challenge of contextuality, due to tendencies like secularization in the global North and a renewed awareness of inherited cultural and religious traditions in the global South. The ecumenical movement offers a particular framework for reflection on such developments. Contexts I and Contexts II of Protestant Church Polity in Changing Contexts contain proceedings from an international conference held in Utrecht in November 2011. Contexts I (ISBN 978 3 643 90310 5) includes essays in the fields of ecclesiology, church history, missiology, inter-cultural theology, and practical theology. The companion Contexts II (ISBN 978 3 643 90311 2) presents a number of case studies. (Series: Church Polity and Ecumenism. Global Perspectives - Vol. 2)

216 pages

Publication Date: 3/3/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643903105