Fractures and Reconnections: Civic Action and the Redefinition of African Political and Economic Spaces

Studies in Honor of Piet J.J. Konings

Edited by: Jon Abbink

This volume contains original studies on civic action and socio-political behavior in contemporary Africa, ranging from young entrepreneurship in traditional medicine and confidence trickster practices to (in)formal labor relations and the problems of democratization and electoral authoritarianism. The book thus connects to themes that are predominant in the work of Dr. Piet Konings, a sociologist of development and Africanist who had a distinguished research career at the African Studies Center in Leiden and made major contributions to Ghana Studies and Cameroon Studies. The chapters address various forms and mutations of contemporary civic action in the political, economic, and social domains of African societies, all based on original field research and revealing unexpected dimensions of African socio-political life. The key themes discussed by Piet Konings in his own work are reflected in the book, including: labor relations * trade union activities * African development and the impacts of 'neo-liberalism' * educational systems and policies * political and social history * the politics of identity * ethno-regionalism * religious phenomena * civil society and civic movements. These themes prove to be of undiminished relevance in Africa today, in the light of: the rapid economic developments since the early 2000s, persistent social contestation, and new forms of political claim-making which illustrate the as-yet-unresolved problems of state performance and collective political identities. (Series: African Studies Centre (Leiden/The Netherlands) - Vol. 5)

272 pages

Publication Date: 10/30/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643902566