Education for Social Justice, Equity and Diversity

An Honorary Volume for Professor Anne-Lise Arnesen

Edited by: Torill Strand, Merethe Roos

Young Europeans now grow up in an era characterized by escalating economic, political, social, and educational inequalities, increasing racism and xenophobia, a high level of unemployment, and a declining trust in nearly all major social and political institutions. But how do these emerging processes of marginalization play out within and beyond educational institutions? How can we educate teachers for the new situation? In exploring these questions, the contributions in this honorary volume pay tribute to the research work of Professor Anne-Lise Arnesen, who has made an impressive effort to educate teachers for a diverse, tolerant, and inclusive society throughout her working life. (Series: Studies on Education - Vol. 1)

304 pages

Publication Date: 8/6/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643902559

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