Agency and Changing World Views in Africa

Edited by: Dieter Neubert, Christine Scherer

Current debates on the transnational impact of world views (interpretive frameworks) often refer to the concepts of 'globalization' or 'travelling models,' with an emphasis on domination or on a process of translation. This volume highlights situations where different world views are confronted with each other within Africa, and the question of how the actors mediate between the two. The conceptual chapters foster a critical view on the normative implications of agency itself, as well as how they reflect on the claim of interpretive hegemonony of human rights, concepts of law, democracy, or neoliberalism. In addition, the book examines the confrontation of world views in particular cases. Essays examine distinct empirical grounds, such as law (e.g. Islamic law, children's rights, law and development, political ideology), and analyze the role of transcendental powers. (Series: Contributions to Research on Africa / Beitrage zur Afrikaforschung - Vol. 40) [Subject: African Studies, Politics, Human Rights, Law]

336 pages

Publication Date: 10/1/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643902368