Between Science and Fiction

The Hollow Earth as Concept and Conceit

Edited by: Hanjo Berressem, Michael Bucher, Uwe Schwagmeier

The idea that the Earth is hollow has inspired both the world of science and the world of fiction. As a scientific concept, this notion has informed the works of Edmond Halley and Leonhard Euler. As a literary conceit, it can be found in the works of Dante and E.A. Poe; in novels by Jules Verne, Arno Schmidt, Thomas Pynchon, and Mark Z. Danielewski; and in comics, films, and computer games. This collection addresses both the scientific and the aesthetic aspects of the "Hollow Earth," with essays that range from medieval literature to afrofuturism. (Series: n-1 | work - science - medium - Vol. 5)

356 pages

Publication Date: 12/1/2012
Format: Paper & CD-ROM
ISBN: 9783643902283

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