Political waters

Governmental water management and neoliberal reforms in Khartoum/Sudan

By Anne-Sophie Beckedorf

Political Waters examines how recent reforms of decentralization, privatization, and commercialization are initiated and implemented with regard to water management in Khartoum. In so doing, it uses the prism of water to gain insights into Sudanese (water) politics, power strategies, and state-society relationships. Drawing on detailed, actor-oriented, and ethnographic analyses based on political ecology and on organization sociology, the main findings develop important aspects of rule and emphasize the relevance of studying local micropolitical contexts in order to understand macropolitical dynamics. This work obtained the DAVO (German Middle East Studies Association) Dissertation Award 2012. Dissertation. (Series: Forum Political Geography / Forum Politische Geographie - Vol. 7)

312 pages

Publication Date: 12/16/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643902160