Gentrification and Resistance

Cultural Criminology, Control, and the Commodification of Urban Protest in Hamburg

By Laura Naegler

Based on ethnographic research in Hamburg Sternschanze and utilizing the cultural criminological perspective as an underlying theme, this book explores the contested spaces of gentrified inner city neighborhoods. It examines the complex and sometimes paradoxical interplays of urban revaluation, criminalized anti-gentrification resistance, and urban control. The main focus lies on the spatialized commodification of urban counter-culture and its incorporation into the process of gentrification. It is shown that by these processes, "authentic" anti-gentrification resistance becomes increasingly sanitized. Blurred and hardly distinguishable from commodified rebellion, it eventually loses its subversive power and political vigor, and, unwillingly, turns into an integral of the process of urban revaluation it is originally meant to defend. (Series: Hamburger Studien zur Kriminologie und Kriminalpolitik - Vol. 50)

182 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643901149