Joseph Beuys and the Celtic Wor(l)d

A Language of Healing

By Victoria Walters

During the 1970s, the German sculptor Joseph Beuys made a number of trips to Ireland and Scotland. This interdisciplinary study of the artist's work in the "Celtic world" assesses whether the practice shown or developed during these visits could be seen, in any sense, as a language practice - more specifically, as a "language of healing" - and whether Beuys could be said to have interpreted and performed notions of "Celticity" in these places. The book reflects on the anthropological aspect of Beuys' work and includes interview material with artists who worked with or met him during this time. (Series: European Studies in Culture and Policy - Vol. 10)

416 pages

Publication Date: 12/16/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643901057