Knowledge and Practical Reason: Paul Ricoeur's Way of Thinking

By Marcelino Agis Villaverde

The work of Paul Ricoeur can be regarded as a faithful expression of the philosophy of the 20th century and as the paradigmatic exponent of a new philosophical character for the 21st century. Without belonging to any particular school, Ricoeur discussed a wide range of philosophical topics, with many of his insights being prophetic indeed. This book demonstrates that there is no single interpretation of Ricoeur's philosophy, describing his way of thinking. Rather, the book provides an opportunity to see Ricoeur's thoughts as a guide for a human enveloped in the experience of life and being. By exploring Paul Ricoeur in his life circumstances - through war, the academy, and his relationships, as well as through his works and his own words - this book offers a more complete picture of the many aspects of one man and the legacy he left behind. (Series: International Studies in Hermeneutics and Phenomenology - Vol. 5)

248 pages

Publication Date: 4/18/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643900791