Transitions and Dissolving Boundaries in the Fantastic

Edited by: Christine Lotscher, Petra Schrackmann, Ingrid Tomkowiak, Aleta-Amiree von Holzen

By creating hybrid zones of autonomy, the 'fantastic' - a subgenre of literary works - provides alternatives to conventional understandings of the world, knowledge, or identity. The fantastic raises a number of significant questions about cultural and social developments, and challenges existing boundaries. With regard to fantastic fiction in literature and different media representations, the articles in this volume explore: crossings into other worlds, time travel, metamorphoses, hybrid creatures, and a variety of other transitions and transgressions. The book analyzes hybrid genres, inter-media adaptations, transpositions into new media, as well as various forms of crossover as exemplified in the increasing trend of generation-spanning all-age literature. (Series: Research in the Fantastic / Fantastikforschung - Vol. 2)

Publication Date: 8/15/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643801852