Sounds of Secrets

Field Notes on Ritual Music and Musical Instruments on the Islands of Vanuatu

By Raymond Ammann

Double flute, shoulder flute, and large standing slit drums with carved decorations are only a few of the unique musical instruments used in the islands of Vanuatu. In many ways, the people of this South Pacific archipelago live according to their traditional cultures and conduct their rituals and ceremonies as their great-grandfathers had. This book deals comprehensively with traditional musical instruments and their role and function in ceremonies on Vanuatu. Music, dance, and musical instruments are not only means to highlight certain moments in ceremonies, but help to set up an entire network of secrets. The field notes, personal opinions, and ideas that are documented in this book are the result of an intensive study of over 20 years on music in south Melanesia. This is the first reference book on the music of Vanuatu that constitutes an invaluable source for musicologists and anthropologists alike, and it will surprise general readers with its interesting and lively accounts. (Series: SoundCultureStudies / KlangKulturStudien - Vol. 7)

320 pages

Publication Date: 8/15/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643801302