Exploring Spaces: Practices and Perspectives

With an Afterword by Amritjit Singh

Edited by: Dorothea Steiner, Sabine Danner

This collection cuts across the work of - mostly young - Americanists in Austria. It focuses on the opening-up of space in terms of a broad Cultural Studies approach. Some essays pay attention to revisionism as triggered by postcolonial studies, border studies, globalism and transculturality, others test American myths and policies by linking them to the military and educational agenda; yet others use close analysis of individual texts for "reading Culture," or reflect on gender, popular culture and subcultural issues, modernity, capitalism, and the New Media. Pedagogy is a deep concern: "perspective" translated into "practice." The Afterword assesses the "local" work in the "global" American Studies perspective.

296 pages

Publication Date: 10/23/2009
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643500946