Liberation from Violence for Life in Peace. Befreiung von Gewalt zum Leben in Frieden

Edited by: Ulrich Duchrow, Craig Nessan

This book explores troubling questions about the Reformation legacy in relation to the peasants war, Anabaptists, Jews, and Muslims. The ecumenically diverse authors - Lutheran, Mennonite, and Reformed - analyze the limitations of the Reformation in its own historical context and provide constructive theological and ethical reflection for addressing the imperatives of global economic justice, the cry of the earth, radical peacemaking, and interreligious reconciliation. How do we achieve a New Reformation to address the crises of our time? 7 sections in English, 4 in German (Series: Radicalizing Reformation/Die Reformation radiklisieren, Vol. 4) [Subject: Religious Studies, Theology, History]~~

Publication Date: 6/24/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643129741