Politics and Economics of Liberation. Politik und Okonomie der Befreiung

Edited by: Ulrich Duchrow, Martin Hoffmann

Luther systemically criticizes early capitalism. He is aware of the religious character of capitalism on the basis of the first commandment. His writings on trade and usury (finance) only marginally affected later Protestantism (cf. e.g. Winstanley in the 17th century) but mainline Lutheranism did not follow this critical line. Only recently the potentials of Luther's position for the theological critique of neoliberalism and for a political ethics of partisanship and reconciliation were rediscovered. 5 sections in English, 5 in German (Series: Radicalizing Reformation, Vol. 3) [Subject: Theology, Lutheranism]

Publication Date: 6/5/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643129734