Liberation towards Justice. Befreiung zur Gerechtigkeit

Edited by: Ulrich Duchrow, Carsten Jochum-Bortfeld

Volume 1 of this new series in theology, Radicalizing Reformation/Die Reformation radikaliesieren, renews the question of 'justification through faith'. What does it mean for Paul, living under the law of the Roman Empire, what under the law of the market? Is justification to be read in an anti-Jewish/islamic perspective? What is the structural sin making all people co-perpetrators? God's liberation for justice mainly happens through the formation of Tora-led new messianic communities, which practice solidarity instead of egocentric individualism. This is consistent with Luther's rejection of 'salvation for sale' and his systemic critique of early capitalism. 2 sections in English, 5 in German (Series: Radicalizing Reformation/Die Reformation radiklisieren, Vol. 1) [Subject: Theology]

Publication Date: 4/30/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643128539