Military Policies and Policing in Kosova since 1999

The Role of the International Community

By Enver Sopjani

Whenever and wherever they intervene, international peace-keeping and stabilization missions are generally faced with complex challenges and situations involving a high degree of uncertainty, for the mastering of which there appears to be no generic solution. Such missions, as devoid of alternatives as they may be in their respective situations, often draw much criticism and little praise upon themselves, and can often "successfully fail." The "case of Kosova" is no exception here. This book analyzes the military policies and policing carried out by the international community in Kosova. In great detail and with great expertise, it explains which events and developments have shaped the conflict-ridden juxtaposition of international and Kosovan institutions, and it provides perspectives on the future of the country. (Series: Internationale Politik - Vol. 5)

254 pages

Publication Date: 1/3/2011
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643107626