In the Image of God

Foundations and Objections within the Discourse on Human Dignity. Proceedings of the Colloquium Bologna and Rossena (July 2009) - in Honour of Pier Cesare Bori on his 70th Birthday

Edited by: Riccardo Saccenti, Alberto Melloni

In the last years, starting from the study of the foundations of human rights, Pier Cesare Bori has focused his research on the exegesis of Genesis 1, 26-28, according to which man is created in the image of God. In the Christian framework the imago Dei has led to different interpretations: a charismatic and eschatological, an ontological and a functional one. To solve the contradictions between these different exegesis of imago Dei Bori has suggested to consider a larger context, looking not only at the Christian tradition, but also at the other monotheisms, cultures and religions. The proceedings here presented are the result of this attempt to develop new approaches to the study of the topic of imago Dei. It has been undertaken by an international group of scholars from different research fields (history, theology, hermeneutics, philosophy, exegesis) during a few days of scientific exchange and dialogue.

424 pages

Publication Date: 2/24/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783643104564