Oromo Documents of the 1840s

The Most Ancient Witnesses for the Oral Literature of the Oromo

Edited by: Ezekiel Gebissa, Monika Monika, Wolbert G.C. Smidt

Today, the Oromo are considered the most important ethnic group of Ethiopia. Until the 19th-century expansion of Ethiopia, most Oromo groups were living outside the Christian Ethiopian Empire. There has been a general lack of previous documentation of their oral traditions and literature, as, only very recently, this rich heritage has begun to be documented. It is the more interesting and fascinating that a group of young Oromo living in Germany in the early 19th century have left collections of letters and accounts in which they refer to the oral literature of their time. The collected texts are presented in this book. (Series: Northeast-African Oral Heritage - Vol. 1)

208 pages

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ISBN: 9783643101969