Animal Law - Tier und Recht.

Developments and Perspectives in the 21st Century. Entwicklungen und Perspektiven im 21. Jahrhundert

By Margot Michel, Daniela Kühne, Julia Hänni

Animal law represents a burgeoning and vibrant field of research. Nevertheless, the jurisprudence of animal law still remains in a state of infancy in Europe - in contrast to the United States, where animal law has become a very lively and innovative research area within the last decade. This book closes this research gap and stimulates an academic discourse on the topic. This book raises fundamental questions of legal theory regarding the realm of justice and the concept of the dignity of animals. Furthermore, it deals with current issues in various sectors of Swiss law, such as animal protection law, civil law, and public law. Last but not least, this anthology offers an in-depth outlook on foreign law systems, as well as international law, and explores new perspectives in the field. (Please note: Sections of this book are in English language text while other, separate sections are in German text.)

630 pages

Publication Date: 7/12/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783037514535