International Law as Progress and Prospect. Voelkerrecht als Fortschritt und Chance.

By Daniel Thurer

In recent years, public international law has become a matter of general interest. It has become part of the world of real (power) politics and its principles have become ingrained in the way everyday people formulate their thoughts. The author of this book makes public international law comprehensible by approaching it from various perspectives. He deliberately goes beyond the restricted circle of international law specialists. This can be seen in the method underlying his work. In addition to academic studies, which repeatedly demonstrate unconventional aspects, there are also sections that are easily accessible for everybody. Even the casual reader is catered to, due to the brevity of the texts, which are largely self-contained. One can pick up and start reading the book at any point. A large number of subjects are examined, spanning such topics as war and neutrality, people's right of self determination, the protection of minorities and other human rights, and international humanitarian law. The volume constantly strives to give expression to voices from different cultures and contexts. One misconception is ruled out from the very beginning: the reader is not presented with just another collection of essays. Rather, all the essays have been written with regard to one common concept: the (admittedly vague) notion of justice. This is simultaneously the glue which holds the individual pieces together. The law - and particularly public international law - is therefore not understood in a purely instrumental fashion, as a kind of toolbox, but is understood as a fundamental concept. The examination of this topic is state of the art; the volume is concerned with the "here and now." With this bilingual text in English and German, it is the author's wish and intent that the book will inspire public figures and people to become more active.

1026 pages

Publication Date: 12/1/2009
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9783037512043