Christian Self-Understanding and Hindu Religion

Edited by: Mathews George Chunakara

What does an encounter with Hinduism teach us about ourselves? "Never before in history have people of different faiths, cultures and ideologies been drawn together as a community for common purposes as now," says editor Mathews George. Rather than seeing each other as enemies or rivals or prey, today's interreligious environment allows for open-minded encounter that also fully acknowledges the tensions and even oppressions of the past. Here Christian theologians reflect on the how their encounters with Hinduism in pluralistic settings has changed their approaches to interreligious dialogue, to sacred scriptures and ecclesiology, to charged religious involvement in politics, and to learning from Hinduism in order to create a more responsible Christian community. Part of a long-term WCC project on Christian self-understanding in light of various other religious traditions, this volume presents contributions from S. Wesley Ariarajah, Joseph Pathrapankal, K. P. Aleaz, James Massey, Mathews George Chunakara, Sebastian C. H. Kim, L. Jayachitra, and K. M. George. Includes the report and statement of the consultation. Mathews George Chunakara, former director of the Commission of the Churches on International Affairs, is author most recently of Called to Be Prophetic in the Oikoumene. He is the newly elected General Secretary of the Christian Conference of Asia. [Subject: Religious Studies, Christianity, Hinduism]

Publication Date: 10/16/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9782825416716

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