Pilgrim Prayer

The New Ecumenical Prayer Cycle

By World Council of Churches

The ecumenical prayer cycle is the annual prayer journey of Christians in solidarity with the people and churches of the whole world, focusing on different countries or regions each week. Available in print and online, the prayer cycle has become a spiritual guidepost of the ecumenical movement, as it enables Christians everywhere to identify and pray with their sisters and brothers around the globe. This edition largely retains the geographic sequence of earlier editions. It also retains the sequence of elements in each week: an introductory word about each region, intercessions of thanksgiving and petition specific to the context, and a compilation of prayers from the region. Enhanced by photos and song suggestions, it also adds some thematic sections or weeks as well, centring Christian prayer on some of the most pressing issues that confront global Christianity, from peace to environment to migration to gender relations. This edition also ties the annual circumnavigation in prayer to the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace, the ecumenical initiative that asks Christians everywhere to join in transformative work for all humanity. The ecumenical prayer cycle becomes itself a virtual pilgrimage, a spiritual encounter with the gifts and challenges of Christian churches around the world. Ester Pudjo Widiasih, from the Javanese Christian Churches in Indonesia, is programme executive for spiritual life, and also serves the Faith and Order Commission, in the World Council of Churches. Karen L. Bloomquist is has directed theological work of the ELCA (Chicago) and Lutheran World Federation (Geneva). Most recently, she served as Dean at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, and her latest book is Seeing-Remembering-Connecting: Subversive Practices of the Church (2016). [Subject: Religious Studies, Christianity]

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Format: Paper
ISBN: 9782825416662