Legacy and Future

Edited by: Petra Bosse-Huber, Serge Fornerod, Thies Gundlach, Gottfried Locher

The historical, theological, and pastoral insights found in this book are considered timely, due to the approaching 500th anniversary of the European Reformation. The book's contributions offer new discussions on the social history of the reforms, the historical and contemporary significance of key doctrines, and the enduring legacy of a movement that shook the world and propelled it into modernity. *** "...a good resource both for pastors -- Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox and others -- who may want to preach about the history and meaning of the Reformation but also for people in the pews who would do well to understand this history better." -- Bill's 'Faith Matters' Blog, October 2015 [Subject: Religious Studies, Christianity, Social History]

Publication Date: 8/1/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9782825416600