Christ & Capital

A Family Debate

By Michael Taylor

The debate about justice and equity in global economic arrangements has preoccupied ecumenical Christianity for a century. It has been given new impetus and urgency by the global financial crisis, the widening disparities of income and wealth, and the looming climate crisis that is fuelled by ever-widening, consumer-driven economies. In this book, author Michael Taylor, a social ethicist with deep experience in international organizations, traces the evolving debate, from its origins in the World Council of Churches' Life and Work Movement to today, particularly as it is refracted in the ecumenical writings of the last 65 years. Additionally, Taylor analyzes the core questions of values and strategy that confront Christians in the global economic configuration. Contents include: The Early Settlement: From Amsterdam (1948) to Geneva (1966) * Disturbance: From Geneva (1966) to Nairobi (1975) * Impasse: From Nairobi (1975) to Canberra (1991) * The Shape of the New? From Canberra (1991) to Busan (2013) * Some Further Questions * The Role of Theology * Faithful Practice * The Unity of the Church and the Unity of Mankind * A Personal Postscript. [Subject: Religious Studies, Christianity, Social Justice, Economic Policy]

Publication Date: 2/15/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9782825416556

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