Sources of Authority, volume 1

The Early Church

Edited by: Tamara Grdzelidze

The consultation proved to be a life-changing event, for all of us there. We all came away from it renewed in our sense that to read and to reflect on the teachers and witnesses of the early church together is to share in something of profound significance for the life of the church today. There was no lack of critical engagement with their writings, from all the participants, and there was no rosy romanticism. But there was a deep sense of participating in what is living tradition, and of hearing the voices of witnesses for Christ who were, in their time and for ours, profoundly practical and rooted theologians, living holy lives and sometimes witnessing with their dying too. -- from the Foreword *** Living and witnessing to their faith in the first centuries after the New Testament, the men and women of the early church - theologians and bishops, ascetics and martyrs - have exerted a profound influence and authority in the subsequent theological and ecclesial periods and traditions. Yet, what is their significance, authority, and pull for Christians today? Can reverence for them survive critical scrutiny? What can they teach us about the core of Christian scriptures, tradition, and ecclesial life? In this remarkable volume, scholars and theologians from a variety of confessional traditions assess the contributions, failings, and contemporary relevance of the teachers and witnesses of the early church. (Series: Faith and Order Paper - No. 217) [Subject: Religious Studies, Christianity, History]

152 pages

Publication Date: 1/2/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9782825416020