Economy of Life

Linking Poverty, Wealth and Ecology

Edited by: Athena Peralta, Rogate R. Mshana

An economy of life is not only possible, it is in the making and justice lies at its foundation. -- PWE (Poverty, Wealth and Ecology) Call for Action *** The enormous economic changes of recent years have highlighted problematic aspects and disturbing trends in our prevailing economic system. It will never be able to eradicate poverty nor safeguard God's wondrous creation. Including the landmark statement, An Economy of Life, this slim volume chronicles the important work that the World Council of Churches has undertaken to understand the crucial connections between poverty, wealth, and ecology. It also proposes ways to bring about a just, participatory, and sustainable economic system, in which humans, other living creatures, and our planetary home are cared for. Written for churches and the ecumenical family, the book is designed to enable them to address these critical issues in their life and work as an imperative of faith. [Subject: Religious Studies, Christianity, Economic Policy, Ecology]

Publication Date: 4/15/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9782825415948