Reading the Gospels with the Early Church

A Guide

Edited by: Tamara Grdzelidze

New refreshing insights on our understanding of the gospel in the 21st century from our ancient past - this is the surprising impact of what is captured in this small book in which the thoughts of early church figures are brought alive in a new way. -- Setri Nyomi, World Communion of Reformed Churches General Secretary *** ...we come closer to the source in their freshness and dynamic vitality....reading of the scripture is permeated by a deep sense of mystery, a delicate intuition of the divine together with a remarkable richness of human wisdom and a strong desire to discover the harmony between the word of God written in the Bible and the 'seeds of the word' scattered throughout history in the whole world. -- Sister Maria Ko, Roman Catholic member of the Faith and Order Commission *** Can we learn anything from early interpreters of the scriptures? This guide book illustrates how contemporary readers may be both enlightened and enriched by the insights of early teachers whose search for eternal truth urges us on in the continuing quest. -- Neville Callam, Baptist World Alliance General Secretary (Series: Faith and Order Paper - No. 213)

92 pages

Publication Date: 1/25/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9782825415856