This I Trust

Basic Words of Christian Belief

By Wolfgang Huber

Contributions by: Margaret Kohl

Trust is not the opposite of challenge and doubt. It is precisely in doubt that trust finds its strength. It preserves this strength in the face of new questions. Trust does not prove itself by being able to provide someone with an answer to the theoretical question of where evil comes from. It shows itself in the fact that it does not capitulate even in the face of evil. -- Bishop Wolfgang Huber *** The question of faith - so controverted today - is not, at heart, one of belief, argues Bishop Wolfgang Huber, but one of trust. Does one trust life and the God of life? Can one yield to the love and promises of God, and to the imperatives of conscience and authenticity they entail? In these surprising meditations on classic words of the Christian tradition - from the Beatitudes and the Lord's Prayer to the stories of the birth and parables and death of Jesus - Bishop Huber searches for the fiery core and world-defying implications of Christian faith today. Alive to the complexities and ambiguities of contemporary life, he nonetheless asserts: If we trust in God, we can endure the uncertainties, accept the limitations, and receive the fullness of life as a gift. For those who struggle with the meaning of faith and Christian discipleship in their personal, familial, professional, and political lives, Bishop Wolfgang Huber offers deep assurance and steep challenge. [Subject: Religious Studies, Christianity]

160 pages

Publication Date: 1/3/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9782825415795