When Pastors Prey

Overcoming Clergy Sexual Abuse of Women

Edited by: Valli Boobal Batchelor

While clergy abuse of children has received worldwide attention from media and legal authorities, little has been written about the widespread and devastating phenomenon of clergy abuse of adult women. Gathering experts from around the globe, this prophetic project breaks the silence and gathers the resources to address a problem that undermines the very foundations of pastoral work and institutional Christianity. The book not only brings forward the stories of many women whose trust has been abused by their pastors, but it also offers a helpful framework to understand and address the problem in the following four sections: a) Identifying the Problem, b) the Experience of Abuse, c) Churches Addressing Clergy Misconduct, and d) Stopping Abuse for Good. Ultimately, clergy sexual abuse of women is a horrific expression of longstanding Christian misunderstanding and mistreatment of women. This book illuminates not only the phenomenon, but its roots and - in brave hope - the cures. *** "Christian community and witness hinge hugely on the personal integrity of professionals in ministry. Yet that bond is severed by sexual exploitation and abuse, a phenomenon sadly present in Christian churches around the world. When Pastors Prey, focused particularly on abuse of women, will be a vital resource for understanding and addressing a problem that undermines the Gospel itself." - Rev. Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit, General Secretary, World Council of Churches *** "The International Association of Women Judges is delighted to see this book - drawing attention to a serious problem which has been neglected for far too long - and welcomes the contribution it makes to the IAWJ's aim of increasing knowledge and understanding of what we call 'sextortion' - demanding sexual favours as the price of favourable treatment by those in authority generally." - Lady Brenda Hale, President, International Association of Women Judges~

220 pages

Publication Date: 4/24/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9782825415665