At Home with God and in the World

A Philip Potter Reader

By Philip A. Potter

Edited by: Andrea Frochtling, Michael Jagessar, Brian Brown, Rudolf Hinz, Dietrich Werner

As a pivotal figure in the ecumenical movement and in world Christianity during the last 50 years, Philip Potter brought charismatic personality, moral energy, and prophetic insight to his leadership of the World Council of Churches at a time of religious and socio-political turmoil. As an invaluable, historical, and theological resource, this anthology captures those qualities in the most complete collection of Potter's writings to date, highlighting his landmark speeches, preaching, and Bible studies. Ranging across Potter's core biblical and theological themes to his bracing cultural analysis and strong articulation of the imperatives of social justice, the 24 works collected here are religiously and prophetically rich. They also shed light on: the rapid development of the ecumenical movement in the post-War period; the newly globalized and post-colonial reality facing the churches from the 1960s onward; and the steep challenges posed to the churches - then and now - by race consciousness, the legacy of colonialism, the gender revolution, the nuclear threat, and geopolitical change. Along with extensive biographical materials and a photo gallery, the book includes a helpful bibliography of primary and secondary resources.

338 pages

Publication Date: 4/24/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9782825415658