Worlds of Memory and Wisdom

Encounters of Jews and African Christians

Edited by: Hans Ucko, Jean Halperin

This book reflects a fascinating chapter in a genuinely intercultural dialogue, conducted on an equal footing, at the highest level of intellectual integrity. The texts come out of three Jewish-Christian consultations held in Africa, all focusing on subjects pointing to a commonality of concerns and purpose. Any topic that could hint at suspicion of superiority, precedence or domination was carefully avoided, and the dialogue was shaped along different lines than those usually followed in similar Jewish-Christian consultations held in Europe and America over the past half-century. In Nairobi, discussions were devoted to ancient wisdom in both cultures and its value for contemporary life; the understanding of scripture; and creation in both cultures. In Johannesburg, debate centered on family, community and tradition as a way to the future and dealt with fundamental questions common to both cultures: the encounter with the age of modernity, preserving traditional family life, sustaining a sense of community, maintaining and reinforcing religious heritage and cultural tradition in the face of disintegration and dissipation. The third consultation, in Yaound?, looked at memory and experiences of violence, and the challenge of peace-building.

161 pages

Publication Date: 5/1/2005
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9782825414293