AIDS - Meeting the Challenge

Data, Facts, Background

By Sonja Weinreich, Christoph Benn

Each year HIV/AIDS claims the lives of millions and profoundly affects the economic, political and social stability of lands and regions. If humanity is not to be overwhelmed by this disease, global solidarity and concerted action are required. This book provides essential information for coalitions working locally, regionally and globally to prevent the spread of infection and to offer humane treatment and community resources to people living with HIV/AIDS. It is based on the authors' personal experiences and research as they have engaged in the campaign to eradicate AIDS. They address matters of medical fact, and also take into consideration sociological, psychological and theological questions that inevitably arise. The book is a compendium of current information on the crisis of HIV/AIDS, with indications of how readers may continue to update their knowledge amid the constant changes in basic data, scientific developments and a flood of specialized literature. The topics covered include HIV transmission, vulnerability to infection, socio-economic contexts, stigma and discrimination, prevention, care, antiretroviral therapy, advocacy and lobbying, as well as reflections on the churches, theology and HIV/AIDS.

118 pages

Publication Date: 7/1/2004
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9782825413517