Faith in a Global Economy

A Primer for Christians - Risk Book Series #81

By Rob Van Drimmelen

Contributions by: D Preman Niles

The Christian belief that God became incarnate in Jesus Christ to share the human condition with us challenges any absolute division between the spiritual and the material. To pray for daily bread and forgiveness of debts is to recognize that economics cannot be separated from faith. Yet this link is not an easy one to maintain. While the suffering of the poor and the devastation of the environment may anger us, the bewildering complexity of the global economy tempts us to conclude that economics must finally be left to the experts. This "primer for Christians" addresses the paralysis created by seeking simple answers to today's complex economic issues. Drawing on his experience in banking and economics as well as the ecumenical movement, the author provides lucid explanations of the major ideas, forces and realities of the global economy today.

Publication Date: 1/1/1998
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9782825412541