Poems for a Century

An Anthology on Nigeria

Edited by: Tope Omoniyi

Contributions by: Sulaiman Adebowale

In 2010, billions of naira currency were spent to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Nigeria's independence. More naira are to be spent in 2014 to commemorate the centenary marking the nation's birth in 1914 - from an amalgamation of diverse group of peoples, languages, cultures, and expectations. As the conscience of the nation, writers are calling for a deeper introspection. A hundred years after unification, the most populous African nation has oscillated from being great to being fickle, from colony to independence and dependency, from peace to war to ungraceful insecurity, from military dictatorship to civilian oppression and profligacy, and much more of the many contradictions of a complex national polity. In this special collection, poets from different backgrounds, generations, and persuasions explore what it means to be a citizen of this unique African country. Shifting from despair to hope, lamentation to happiness, condemnation to adoration and every gamut of sensibilities imaginable, these poets reiterate the notion of engagement and the power of the written word to push for social change in their beloved nation. In 50 poems, Nigeria becomes the muse, not just to raise questions about its past experiences and present contexts, but also to posit aspirations for a better nation.

Publication Date: 4/22/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9782359260328

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