Ontologies, Values and Thought in Igbo World View

By Damian Ugwutikiri Opata

The "Age of the Internet" has transformed our concept of time and space, juxtaposing the worlds of reality and the virtual in a criss-cross global fusion that has left us wondering what life on Earth was like before now. The fluidity in communication across distance and the ease with which we connect to others across the globe have broken down the social boundaries of class, race, and sex to intergenerational and intercultural lines. But the realities of our world remain, grounded in underlining perceptions of thought constructed and refined over the millennia in the societies, groups, cultures, and communities we emanate from or to which we are tethered or have been in contact. From the perspective of Africa's Igbo people and their world view, this book explores such critical concepts as essence, truth, space, time, thought, destiny, and death among the Igbo to challenge and broaden our understanding of African and non-Western philosophical thoughts. Drawing from language and philosophy, the book goes beyond querying the ontological values that the Igbo ascribe to - truth, the future, and the continuum between space and time - to showcase the influences these notions have on the life of this African group.

192 pages

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Format: Paper
ISBN: 9782359260083