How to Vote Progressive in Australia

Labor or Green?

Edited by: Dennis Altman, Sean Scalmer

Red or Green? Traditionally, Australian progressives have supported the Australian Labor Party; increasingly, The Greens appeal. What are the key differences between the parties? Is greater collaboration desirable? Is it likely? Some progressives remain strongly committed to Labor or The Greens. Others have abandoned one or other of the parties from bitter experience. Others still are genuinely undecided, or seek to promote greater understanding and cooperation. What is the best way forward? This volume brings together a range of party leaders, veterans, and academic experts to tackle these important questions. Deliberately pluralistic, it encompasses strongly divergent views. Dedicated to progressive change, this book aims both to capture and to advance a vital public debate. (Series: Politics) [Subject: Political Science, Australian Studies]

Publication Date: 7/10/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781925377149