30 Days on Australia's Railways

A Diary of September Journeys

By David Burke

Over the years in Australia, September has been considered a month when particularly memorable railway events tend to occur. This book is a 'diary' that documents, day by day, major happenings to do with railways in Australia: from the days of steam, to diesel, to diesel-electric and electrification. It offers an entertaining look at railway events, from 1848, when a meeting was called to start a railway company in New South Wales, to 2013, when the great Bayer-Garrett AD6029 steam engine was restored to working order. Among those in the book who made Australian railway history are Ben Chifley, the locomotive driver who became Prime Minister of Australia; engineer John Bradfield, designer of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and responsible for putting Sydney's city trains underground; James Fraser, the first Australian-born Chief Commissioner for Railways; and Harold Young, the Scotsman who designed the C38 engine and the Silver City Comet. 30 Days on Australia's Railways is heavily illustrated with historic photographs, sketches, and maps. Additionally, the book features 13 paintings by renowned railway artist Phil Belbin.

Publication Date: 9/1/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781925078398