Verge 2013


Edited by: Peter Dawncy, Camille Eckhaus, David C. Muller

If I could open my chest and shake out the cobwebs I would find flowers woven in the soft, rubied-velvet of fascia, a thoracic garden, raining down like ashes onto the finely combed earth. -- 'Anger, and the Regeneration of Self: Becoming a Fire, Becoming a Garden' (by Sally-Anne Jovic) *** Verge is Monash University's annual anthology of creative writing and this ninth edition features work by Australian writers within and outside Monash University. The book's short fiction and poetry are concerned with exploring the passages of life. These passages involve re-working intellectual understandings and the transitions into new physical conditions as people experience and become with their environments. Verge 2013: Becoming explores what it is to be human and what it is to become non-human.

72 pages

Publication Date: 8/22/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781922235220