The Project as a Social System

Asia-Pacific Perspectives on Project Management

Edited by: Henry Linger, Jill Owen

In recent years, research initiatives in the field of project management have accelerated and are now pursued across many disciplinary fields and a vast range of project types, ranging from construction to organizational change and new product development. This diversity of research into phenomena within the 'project' context suggests the dynamism of and progress within this field of study and its potential to contribute to scholarly knowledge within a range of disciplinary areas outside of project management itself, including organizational studies, knowledge management, and organizational learning. A prominent feature in current project management research is an emphasis on the important mediating influence of context on project performance and operational effectiveness. This shift in focus constitutes a notable divergence within project management from traditional concerns with technical processes. Indeed, many researchers and authors identify projects as primarily social constructs where sense-making and adaptive behaviors are required to accommodate local contexts, dynamics, and personal attributes. The inaugural Asia Pacific Research Conference on Project Management was held in February 2010 at Monash University in Australia. The conference theme was 'The Project as a Social System' and brought together a wide-ranging group of project management researchers. This theme encapsulated and encouraged contributions from researchers on diverse social-, human-, and context-centered phenomena within the project-based environment. The papers presented in this book reflect the richness of this developing intellectual area in highlighting how projects interrelate with their social and contextual environments.

300 pages

Publication Date: 3/26/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781921867040