A History of Antarctica

By Stephen Martin

This revised and expanded book - first published in 1996 - traces the patterns of human activity in Antarctica, from the southern journeys of the 16th century to the modern expeditions of adventurers and tourists. Using material from diaries, letters, and fresh research, the book illuminates the main themes of Antarctic history with the personal stories and images of the men and women who explored, worked, and lived in this frozen and remote continent. The book examines such topics as the early Polynesian explorers, the amazing diversity of flora and fauna, the detailed geological features, etc. A History of Antarctica is about the people of Antarctica - those who have chosen to endure the risks and enjoy the rewards of conquering the world's most forbidding land. *** "...educational and enlightening as it is entertaining, and enthusiastically recommended for public and college library World History shelves." - The Midwest Book Review, Library Bookwatch, April 2013, The World History Shelf *** "Martin, writer and historian, provides an illustrated history of Antarctica from its prehistory and geography to its early modern and contemporary presence in literature, politics, and science, and elucidates the varied experiences of humanity with the continent. Both broad and detailed, the work provides a useful lens through which to view the development of contemporary science, politics and environmental action in the context of this important region. Recommended." - Choice, Vol. 51, No. 03, November 2013 *** "...a very nicely illustrated, easily readable work and at times even poetic: 'Antarctica experience takes on a deeply personal, spiritual tone: icecaps become metaphors, birds such as snow petrels become symbols of hope and contact, the trip becomes a metaphysical journey and profound experiences emerge in the stories and narratives.' Martin well deserves space on any Antarctican's bookshelf." - The Antarctican Society Newsletter, Vol. 13-14, No. 1, November 2013~

280 pages

Publication Date: 2/12/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781921719578

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