The Old Razorback Road

Life on the Great South Road between Camden and Picton 1830-1930

By Elizabeth Villy

In Australia's state of New South Wales, the Great South Road was built in order to transport wool, tallow, hides, and other goods to Sydney's docks. The chosen route was over the Razorback Range, a jagged range of steep cliffs and rocky spurs with an unstable, porous, sandstone base that shifted and lurched with the heavy rains. The Razorback was a nightmare for the convicts who built it and for the travellers forced to endure its horrors. This detailed book documents the local stories of the people who travelled, worked, or lived on the Razorback, and who were seminal to the development of the country: the migrants, teamsters, tramps, gold escorts, toiling convicts, and bushrangers who terrorized settlers and travellers alike. It is a century of history brought to life. The Old Razorback Road is atmospheric and timeless, presented in a sense of freshness and adventure through its account of the people and their lives.

280 pages

Publication Date: 3/1/2011
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781921719066